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Model Number: YH-Disc

Brand Name: YONGHONG

Sheet Thickness: 0.6 to 6mm

Diameter: 100 to 1200mm

FOB Port: Shanghai, Ningbo

Min. Order: 500kgs

  • Properties of Aluminum Disc

    The production of aluminum disc including: Feeding Trolley-- Decoiler Machine--Tension Leveller--Feeding Machine--Oscillating unit--Special closed single point mechanical press--Quick Die Change System-- Palletizing unit--Scrap shearing--Hydraulic Pressure System--Electric Control System etc. 

    The characteristic of Production line:

    1)CNY fully automatic:the production does not require any manual work in the whole process, workers donot have to touch any part of the aluminum material, which can totally eliminate the hidden danger of production safety and assure product quality.

    2)Our production line can cut aluminum disc directly out of aluminum coil, coils are not required to cut into sheets. This can reduce production process, reduce processing cost and reduce the possibility of the disc being scratched during production , to make sure our aluminum disc is free from oil and scratch.

    3)This line fully utilizes the width of the coil material,Using high precision servo motor drive system control,Minimize the distance between the disc and the disc to the material side,Fundamentally reduce the amount of waste, so that the utilization of raw materials reached more than 80%.






    Typical products

    1050 1060 1100 3003 3105

    O,H12, H14,


    100 to 1200

    CC &DC

    Cookware, pot, lamp etc

    Features and Applications of Aluminum Disc

    Aluminum disc is widely used in electronics, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, cultural and educational and auto parts,Kitchen supplies such as non-stick pan, pressure cooker and other hardware supplies such as lampshades Water heater shell, stretching tank, etc., is the largest amount of aluminum alloy sheet metal deep-processing products.Delivery and Package of Aluminum Disc

    Delivery: 25 to 30 days after order confirmation

    Package : :In strong wooden pallets with strong steel hoops in all sides to withhold rough handling at port of export and port of imports.

Aluminum Disc