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Model Number: YH-ACID

Brand Name: YONGHONG

Sheet Thickness: 0.5 to 5mm

Sheet width: 100 to 1800mm

Coil Thickness:0.5 to 3mm

Coil width: 100 to 1800mm

FOB Port: Shanghai, Ningbo

Min. Order: 1 ton

  • Properties of Acid etched Aluminum Sheet

    Acid  etched is also known as ash removal, stain removal and photochemical treatment. Aluminum alloy aluminum in oil removal, polishing, alkali etching and texture etching will form a layer of insoluble oxide layer on the surface of the aluminum, this layer of oxide is attached to the aluminum surface of a layer of loose tissue, must be used in pickling method to clear it. The acid pickling here does not require corrosion of the aluminum alloy matrix, only insoluble oxides on the surface of the aluminum are required.

    Often used in a certain concentration of nitric acid solution, can also be added to the appropriate amount of chromic anhydride, if the high silicon content of cast aluminum alloy will need to be in the nitric acid solution or ammonium hydrogen fluoride.





    Typical Application                

    Acid etched Aluminum Sheet                


    0.5 to 5mm                


    Traffic signs, decoration etc                

    Features and Applications of Acid etched Aluminum Sheet

    It is typically used for making traffic signs in certain markets such as Canada, Australia etc.


    Delivery and Package of Acid etched Aluminum Sheet

    Delivery: 25 to 30 days after order confirmation

    Package : :In strong wooden pallets with strong steel hoops in all sides to withhold rough handling at port of export and port of imports.


Acid etched Aluminum Sheet