Polished Sheet/Plate

Polished Aluminium plate/sheet is widely applied in illumination reflection plate & illumination decoration, lighting reflection material used in Solar thermal collector, building internal decoration, external wall decoration, household application panel, external cover of electronic products, furniture &kitchen, automobile internal and external decoration, sign plate, suitcase, jewelry case and other fields.

Yonghong Aluminum company introduces the DEMIS polishing machine with film application function from Switzerland. Yonghong Aluminum  company is actively developing the technology for the best polishing process so as to meet the requirements of high surface quality of customers.

Product details:

*Grade: 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx
*Thickness: 3.0~250 mm
*Width: 1000~2600 mm
*Length: 2000~12000 mm

Key feature:

*Uniform Alloy composition                     
*Good surface finish          
*Good surface protection                     
*Precise dimension tolerance    
*Good surface quality

What we can do:

 *High standard product quality
 *Good surface finish
 *Good surface protection
 *Professional technological team
 *Continuous improvement on products and technology
 *Global sales network

Typical product: