Through the years, we have built up many modern production lines, including one 1+2 hot rolling production line, six 2850mm, 2050mm, 1650mm, 1450mm hot rolling lines, two 1650mm foil rolling production lines, two 1850mm continuous rolling production lines and one roll coating production line.

Besides, we bring in 8x20 annealing furnaces, tension leveled machine, tension pre-stretching machine, cutting machine, clean equipment, testing machine and packing equipment from domestic and abroad.

The casting plante of Yonghong Aluminium Co., Ltd introduces world leading melting and casting equipment from abroad, including melting and holding furnaces from Gautschi, Electromagnetic stirrer from ABB, SNIF on-line degassing device, DBF from Novelis, Casting machine from Wagstaff, Homogenizing furnace from EFR, Intelligent flat storage from Vollert, Scalping machine from SMS MEER and Slab sawing machine from Moessner.

To manufacture high quality, over-dimension  heavy and medium aluminium alloy plate applied in aerospace, shipbuilding and chemical industries, the first class equipment and process are inevitably necessary.

Yonghong Aluminum introduces modern and advanced hot rolling mills, stretching machine, high precision quenching furnace, aging furnace and  water immersion type detection devices from abroad, which are strong guarantee of manufacturing high quality products