Casting Ingot

Ingot quality determines the quality of final products; therefore, it is fundamental to improve the quality of aluminum alloy ingot to obtain high performance aluminum alloy products, by means of advanced equipment and optimization of the process.

In terms of material design, melt treatment and optimization of casting process, Yonghong Aluminum company, carried out extensive research and development, and comprehensively improve the quality of aluminum alloy ingot, can provide users high performance aluminum alloy ingot casting products in various industries.

With all the melting and holding furnaces introduced from GAUTSCHI in Switzerland, maximum capacity of 120 tons, degassing and filtration using SNIF technology, casting machine provided by WAGSTAFF , ABB electromagnetic stirrer, and deep bed filtration technology, Yonghong Aluminum company can provide aluminum alloy ingot ranging from 1xxx to 8xxx with super scale and technical support services.

Product details:

2xxx, 7xxx wrought aluminum alloy
*Thickness:420~830 mm
*Width:1240~2700 mm
*Length:max.8300 mm
1xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 8xxx wrought aluminum alloy
*Thickness:410~720 mm
*Width:1240~2700 mm
*Length:max.9300 mm

Key feature:

* Alloy composition uniformity
* Low impurity 
* Low casting defects 
* Accurate dimensional tolerances
* Excellent surface quality

What we can do:

*Rational design and uniformity control of alloy elements and impurities
*Precise control of melting temperature
*Select optimal casting temperature
*Select good Solvent and appropriate refining process
*Grain refinement
*Support special size ingots customization
*Products and technology continuous improvement