Yonghong Aluminum is honored as top supplier for three years in a roll, we take this gratitude towards our customer and will own all the passion and strength dedicated to  serve our customer for better.


ISO, short for International Organization for Standardization is a global non-governmental organization and a very important organization in the field of international standardization.
Besides ISO, we are DNV qualified, DNV short for DET NORSKE VERITAS, is an authoritative, professional, independent non-profit fund organization, the Norwegian Classification Society was founded in 1864, headquartered in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. 
We are able to supply SGS test report,  RoHS, SVHC, REACH, EC or EU directives   FDA etc.

Yonghong Aluminum is a member of China Aluminum Association and is awarded as High-Integrity Enterprise every year in our city. We believe in consistency when it comes to business, so with us, you get consistent service, consistent quality and consistent price from the begin of cooperation and long lasting relationship.